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Don’t let dental issues hold you back. Find out if tooth implants are right for you with our quick 60-second online assessment. Your personalised care journey can begin now!

Are You Seeking a Quick Solution to Missing Teeth, to Enjoy Your Favourite Meals Again, and to Rekindle Your Dazzling Smile?

Let us help you! Be inspired by the transformative journeys of our recent patients who started their remarkable dental recovery journeys with us. Dealing with an array of dental issues, they found everyday activities such as smiling, talking, or enjoying a good meal had become burdensome.

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Transformation of (Patient Name 1) with Single Dental Implant Crown

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Key Issues:

The patient lost a single tooth due to a sports-related accident, affecting their ability to chew properly and creating an aesthetic concern with their smile.

Treatment Strategy:

Single Dental Implant Crown

Procedure Timeline:

Three appointments over 3 months


After treatment, the patient regained full chewing function, showcased a seamless smile, and experienced a significant boost in self-esteem.

Recovery of (Patient Name 2) through Implant-Supported Bridge

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Key Issues:

  • Severe dental decay in multiple teeth leading to their extraction
  • Difficulty in chewing and enjoying food due to missing teeth
  • Lowered self-esteem due to an incomplete smile
Treatment Strategy:

Implant-Supported Bridge

Procedure Timeline:

Four appointments over 4 months


Post-treatment, the patient regained the ability to chew and enjoy a variety of foods, expressed themselves with ease, and confidently presented a restored smile, enhancing their overall quality of life and confidence.

Rejuvenation of (Patient Name 3) with a Single Dental Implant

Before Images

Key Issues:

  • Loss of a prominent front tooth due to an unexpected fall
  • Challenges in speaking and eating
  • Decreased self-assurance due to a noticeable gap in their smile
Treatment Strategy:

Single Dental Implant

Procedure Timeline:

Three appointments over 3 months


Following the surgical procedure, the patient was able to speak and eat without difficulty, and their confidence was restored with the placement of a natural-looking implant in place of the lost tooth.

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Why are Tooth Implants the Perfect Solution for You?

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Tooth implants are an ideal option for those looking to replace missing teeth with a permanent solution. They offer the ability to have an artificial tooth that not only looks natural but functions like a natural tooth too. The dental implant procedure provides a secure foundation for these artificial teeth, giving you the confidence to smile, eat, and speak with ease.

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Dental implant surgery also has the added advantage of preserving your jawbone health. In the absence of a tooth root to stimulate the bone, you can experience bone loss. An implant replicates the root, helping maintain bone integrity.

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In conclusion, tooth implants can significantly enhance your quality of life. They are a worthwhile investment in your dental health, providing benefits that go beyond a beautiful smile.

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Dental Photo

Dental Implants: A Proven Approach to Counter Bone Loss, Facial Lines, and Premature Ageing

The absence of teeth can gradually lead to a reduction in the density of your jawbone, an issue that can be aggravated by the consistent pressure of dentures.

Properly placed dental implants integrate with the bone, preventing further loss and guarding against future damage.

Are You Prepared for a Spectacular Transformation?

Begin with our rapid online assessment to identify if implants are right for you and choose the perfect implant strategy tailored to your needs!

Discover the Range of Dental Implant Solutions

At our Melbourne centre, we utilise cutting-edge dental implant techniques and technology to create a smile that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but fully functional as well.


Have you lost multiple teeth?

Consider implant-supported overdentures as a cost-effective alternative to traditional dentures. These overdentures:

  • Rest on 2-4 implants
  • Help to prevent bone loss
  • Significantly improve your chewing and biting abilities

  • Dentures

    Looking for a comprehensive solution to replace a full set of teeth?

    Our advanced dental procedures provide a full, fixed arch implant designed to give you the smile you've always wanted. These dental implants:

  • Are resistant to chipping and staining
  • Provide a permanent solution (no removal necessary)
  • Are designed for 4-6 implants per arch

  • Dentures

    Have you lost just one tooth?

    A single dental implant crown could be the perfect solution. It will:

  • Appear and perform like a natural tooth
  • Restore your normal eating ability
  • Maintain your jawbone health
  • Act as a cost-effective long-term solution

  • Dentures

    Have you lost a few teeth?

    A multi-implant bridge is an excellent solution for noticeable gaps in your smile. These dental bridges:

  • Are incredibly robust
  • Provide a long-term solution
  • Are successful in maintaining your bone health
  • Function as a reliable replacement for natural teeth.

  • What Stages Can You Anticipate in Your Tooth Implant Journey?

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    Initial Consultation

    On your first visit, we assess your dental health through X-rays and CT scans. This helps determine if you're a suitable candidate for dental implants procedure. We'll address your concerns and ensure you understand what to expect.

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    Treatment Procedure

    In the treatment process, the implant dentist positions the implant in the jaw bone. If required, bone grafting may be done to provide adequate support for the implant. We ensure you're comfortable and informed throughout.

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    Unveiling Your Smile

    In the final stage, we place your artificial tooth on the implant, which completes the transformation. You can now show off your brand new smile, confident that dental implant surgery was the right choice for you.

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    About Our Dental Clinic

    As renowned providers of dental implants in Melbourne, we combine our passion for your care with our commitment to quality.

    Our skilled team is well-versed in delivering effective and comfortable treatments, thus assuring an optimal patient experience.

    We believe in transparency, particularly when it comes to dental implants cost. We provide clear and detailed cost breakdowns so you can plan your budget easily.

    Join us in our quest to bring confident, radiant smiles back to Melbourne. Trust us with your oral health, and we promise to uphold your trust with our exceptional dental care services.

    Infinite Smiles at Our Clinic

    Every smile tells a unique story. At our Melbourne dental clinic, we tailor each smile to perfectly complement your distinct facial characteristics.

    Dental Patient
    Dental Patient
    Dental Patient

    Flexible Payment Plans for Your Convenience

    We offer 0% interest payment plans tailored to your financial situation. Overcome any financial hurdles and achieve your dream smile without any second thoughts. We are committed to ensuring a stress-free experience for you!

    Use your Superannuation funds to help you achieve a glowing smile.

    Take advantage of our 0% Interest-Free payment plans!

    Choose from flexible payment durations ranging from 3 to 24 months.

    Instant rebates are available from various private health insurers.

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    Meet Our Reliable Guardians of Your Smile

    Our seasoned dentists at the Melbourne clinic are pillars of trust, expertise, and passion. Their extensive experience, combined with their dedication to individual patient needs, sets them apart. They are adept at making dental implant procedures seamless and comfortable, ensuring your oral health is in expert hands. Committed to continuous learning, they stay updated with the latest dental technologies and techniques. At our dental clinic, our dentists are more than just oral health providers; they are your smile guardians, working tirelessly to make Melbourne a city of radiant smiles.

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    Say goodbye to endless dental appointments!

    Dental implants result in a permanent transformation. Just imagine:

    Radiating Confidence with Every Smile

    Enjoying Your Favourite Foods Once Again

    Bidding Farewell to Discomfort and Pain

    Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.


    While dental implants are an effective long-term solution for missing teeth, maintaining them is crucial to maximising their benefits and longevity. Here are ten essential tips for maintaining your teeth implants and ensuring their optimal performance.

    1. Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: This is the foundation of any dental care routine. Regular cleaning is necessary to remove food particles and plaque that can accumulate around your implants.
    2. Use the Right Toothbrush: For dental implants, a soft-bristled toothbrush is recommended. They are gentle on both your natural teeth and the replacement tooth, preventing any potential damage. Electric toothbrushes can also be a good choice due to their efficiency in removing plaque.
    3. Consider Interdental Brushes: These can be highly effective in cleaning hard-to-reach areas around your implants. They help remove debris and plaque build-up that regular toothbrushes may miss.
    4. Attend Regular Dental Check-ups: Regular visits to your dentist are crucial in maintaining your dental implants. Your dentist will check the implant, the surrounding gums, and your overall oral health. Any potential issue can be detected early and addressed promptly.
    5. Avoid Hard and Sticky Foods: While dental implants are designed to work like natural teeth, it is wise to avoid extremely hard and sticky foods as they may damage the implant over time.
    6. Don’t Ignore Your Natural Teeth: Remember, your natural teeth require as much care as your implants. Keep up with your overall oral hygiene to maintain a healthy environment for your implants.
    7. Quit Smoking: Smoking can hinder healing after implant surgery and negatively impact bone density. It can also lead to implant failure in the long run. If you smoke, think about quitting or reducing your tobacco intake to improve your oral health.
    8. Limit Alcohol Consumption: Excessive alcohol can also have a detrimental impact on your implants. It can dehydrate your mouth, leading to conditions like dry mouth and gum disease, both of which can compromise the health of your implants.
    9. Ensure a well-rounded diet: Consuming a variety of foods is essential for promoting strong bones and teeth.  Good bone density is crucial to ensure the success and longevity of your dental implants.
    10. Avoid Grinding and Clenching Your Teeth: These habits can put undue pressure on your implants, leading to potential damage. If you struggle with these issues, speak to your dentist about possible solutions.

    Your journey towards better oral health doesn’t end after getting your dental implants. It’s crucial to maintain them properly to ensure their functionality and longevity. Adopt these ten tips, and you will not only enjoy the benefits of your dental implants but also a healthier, happier smile. Always remember: the key to successful implant dentistry lies in proper maintenance and regular check-ups. Commit to maintaining your dental implants, and they will serve you well for years to come.

    Dental implants Melbourne offer an excellent, durable option for replacing missing teeth, but the overall cost can vary significantly. The final price tag is determined by various factors, from the complexity of the procedure to your location. Here are six major factors that influence the cost of dental implants.

    1. Number of Implants Required

    The more teeth implants you need, the more the cost will be. Replacing a single tooth with one implant is less costly than a procedure that requires multiple implants. Furthermore, multiple implants may necessitate additional procedures, such as bone grafts, which add to the total cost.

    1. Material of the Implant

    Dental implants are typically composed of titanium or zirconium. While both are durable and biocompatible materials, they come at different prices. Zirconium is generally more expensive due to its aesthetic advantages. The choice of material can influence the overall cost of your dental implants.

    1. The Complexity of the Procedure

    Each dental implant case is unique. Some patients may require a straightforward procedure, while others might need more complex treatments. For example, if you require a sinus lift or bone grafting due to insufficient bone density, this will add to the complexity and, therefore, the cost of the procedure.

    1. Location and Overhead Costs

    The cost of living and running a dental practice varies greatly from city to city. Dental clinics in major cities tend to have higher overhead costs, which can be reflected in the cost of dental implants. Therefore, where you live can significantly affect the cost of your dental implants.

    1. Skill and Experience of the Dentist

    The expertise of the dentist plays a vital role in the cost of dental implants. A highly experienced implant dentist might charge more for their services, but they bring invaluable skills and knowledge to the table. Their experience often ensures a more successful outcome, providing value for your money.

    1. Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance can have a significant impact on the cost of dental implants. Some insurance policies cover a portion of the cost of dental implants, but this varies widely. It’s essential to understand your insurance policy and what it covers before you embark on your dental implant journey.

    Understanding these factors can help you plan for the cost of dental implants. It’s essential to have an open conversation with your dentist about the potential costs involved. Remember, dental implants are a worthwhile investment in your oral health, providing benefits that go beyond a beautiful smile.

    1. Choosing not to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant can have several surprising repercussions over time. Here, we outline some potential consequences of opting not to proceed with dental implants.

      Bone Loss

      A missing tooth leaves the jaw bone without the necessary stimulation it needs to maintain its density. Over time, this can cause bone loss, a problem that becomes increasingly severe the longer the tooth is not replaced. Dental implants mimic natural tooth roots, providing the jaw bone with the required stimulation, thus preventing bone loss.

      Shifting of Adjacent Teeth

      The gap left by a missing tooth provides space for surrounding teeth to drift out of place, leading to misalignment. This can result in bite problems, discomfort while chewing, and an altered appearance. Dental implants fill this space, preventing adjacent teeth from moving out of their designated positions.

      Facial Aesthetics

      Bone loss due to missing teeth can cause the facial structure to change over time, often leading to a sunken or aged appearance. By preventing bone loss, dental implants can help maintain the natural shape and structure of the face.

      Difficulty with Speech and Eating

      Missing or lost teeth can make it harder to speak clearly and eat certain foods. This can lead to changes in diet, potential nutritional deficiencies, and a decrease in overall quality of life. By replacing missing teeth, dental implants restore the ability to speak and eat normally.

      Reduced Self-Esteem

      A gap in the smile can lead to decreased self-esteem and reluctance to smile or laugh openly. Tooth implants replace missing teeth with ones that appear, feel, and work just like natural teeth, helping to restore confidence and improve psychological well-being.

      Potential Health Risks

      Poor dental health, including missing teeth, can have surprising impacts on overall health. There’s a known link between oral health issues and conditions such as cardiovascular disease. By addressing missing teeth with dental implants, you’re taking a proactive step towards maintaining your overall health.

      It’s clear that the repercussions of not replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant are multi-faceted, impacting not only oral health but overall well-being. While dental implants represent an investment, the long-term benefits they offer can be invaluable. Therefore, if you’re contemplating whether to go ahead with dental implants, consider the potential consequences of choosing not to. It’s always recommended to consult with a trusted dental professional to explore the best options for your unique circumstances.